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SHENZHOU X Collection


A dreamer exploring space, exploring the secret of nature, winner of the Reddot Award in 2014.

The inspiration for SHENZHOU X comes from the Shenzhou X spacecraft and its reentry module. The design combines the idea of a wide light-brown wicker and an exposed white covering, making the frame clean and simple. Floating in the clouds, Shenzhou X is more like a sacred car and leads people to a future outdoor lifestyle. Hanging from the ceiling, ready to be launched skyward, openness and freedom naturally generate a different kind of beauty.

The unique design of Shenzhou X allows for numerous configurations, in storage and in use. It is designed to be easily assembled and configured. The design has a special locking function to hold the pieces firmly together when in the stacked configuration. High-quality wicker, teak wood and fabrics have the ability to perfectly withstand outdoor conditions. Once assembled, at the top you can find the coffee table where next to it is the fabric top cover that can become a separate sofa bed by combining with the footrest.

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